Reading Room
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There is an audio event every Tuesday at 2 p.m.

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Video presentations include lectures, meetings, and history presentations.

An attendant is available to answer your questions.
Our book display area offers for sale most of the publications of the Christian Science Publishing Society.  We can place special orders for any book not in stock.
A quiet study area for reading books, periodicals, or bound volumes.
Our collection of bound volumes has almost all of the Christian Science Sentinel and Christian Science Journal periodicals ever published.  Search for authors and titles with our computer's data base.

A lending library provides samples of most of our stock, including books and CDs.  You can read them in the study area or take them home for a couple of weeks.

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A computer is available for you to read the on-line Monitor, search for Journal and Sentinel authors and article titles, use a concordance program to search the Bible and writings by Mary Baker Eddy, and do on-line research about the Bible and Christian Science.